Is the title “Opposition Party” suitable ?

This just came out of nowhere, just a thought process. What if our political system didn’t have any “Opposition party”¬†! This may sound weird to you, doesn’t it ?

But,what if, the losing party be called “Advising Party” instead of Opposition Party¬†,sole purpose of which should be to suggests some amendments to the bills presented by the ruling party. Both the parties, Ruling and “Advising”, should just concentrate on the development of country rather than pin-pointing each other’s flaws.

Tussles among political parties, ristrcting the proceedings of the houses and many such events. .does all this sounds like we are “One of the most powerful nation” !

But. .(“Everything has a BUT”. . .)

Is our country and political system ready for such a drastic change ? Can our so called leaders of Losing political party, put aside there ego and aim for the development of the nation ? Also, If Losing party agrees, will the ruling party be ready to welcome and respect the suggestions provided by Losing party ?

Imagine a situation where it all happens !

Will it not be great ?

Will it not lead to faster development ?